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What Makes Owning a Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coin an Advantage?

When it comes to Canadian gold coins, one if not the most sought after legal bullion coins is the Canadian Maple Leaf gold coin. Compared to other most collected coins, such as South Africa’s Krugerrand coin that is 22-karat or 91.67% pure gold and 8.33% copper or silver, the Canadian Maple Leaf is made from pure 24-karat gold. Likewise, the American Eagles coins from even the most reputable US mint contain other metals as well to increase the coins’ resistance to wear or get damaged.

Canadian Maple Leaf gold coin is unique and worthy to be included in every collector’s collection. The Maple Leaf Series is considered the world’s most pure gold bullion coin. While it is considered less durable than other gold coins for sale because of it’s made from 99.99% gold, it is rarely circulated to keep it in good condition and to maintain its value. Such coin is primarily an investor’s keepsake. And because it is primarily a collector’s item, its durability is not an issue.

The Canadian Maple Leaf was first introduced in 1979. Later, in 1998, there were many Canadian Maple Leaf coins produced. Among these coins that have become popular is the Canadian $350 coin. Made from 99.999% gold, this coin is considered as the finest gold coin in the world, next to the One Ounce 99999 Maple. The Royal Canadian Mint produced this coin in 2007. The quality of such coins is monitored by the Canadian government so buyers get what their money is worth.

Today, although there are plenty of Canadian gold coins for sale, the Maple Leaf series of gold coins have become the popular choice because of their status as the “finest  and the most pure gold coin in the world”. Even though they are not as durable as popular 22-karat gold coins, many are attracted to owning these coins because of their being easy to melt down to increase liquidity in times of need. The gold coin can be bought in 1/20 Troy oz., 1/10 Troy oz., ¼ Troy oz., ½ Troy oz., and one Troy oz. In 1994, a Canadian Maple Leaf coin weighing 1/15 oz was introduced for “jewelry purposes”. It didn’t, however, become successful.

Another attraction of the Maple Leaf that has also contributed to its overwhelming popularity is its attractive design, the Canadian Leaf, which evokes images of the magnificent natural resources of Canada. One side of the coin also shows Queen Elizabeth II to depict the rich history of Canada.

For some people, because of their less durability, owning a Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coin is not practical. But for those who know how to keep such coins in good condition, they are an excellent addition to any coins collection. But whether you are purchasing such coins for investment or as keepsake, being familiar about the gold market will help you make a good decision. You can consult an expert or even do a research on the Internet to have extensive information about investing in Maple leaf series. – Your Best Source for Coins Worldwide! $25 off orders over $150!


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